Principles of Civility for NEH Seminars, Institutes, and Workshops

This institute is intended to extend and deepen knowledge and understanding of the humanities and history by to increase Summer Scholars’ knowledge and understanding of the cultural heritage of American Indians by introducing them to the World Heritage nominated sites of the Hopewell culture in Ohio: the Newark Earthworks, Fort Ancient, and the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park; contribute to the intellectual vitality and professional development of participants; and foster a community of inquiry that provides models of excellence in scholarship and teaching.

Project Staff and Faculty will take responsibility for encouraging an ethos of openness and respect, upholding the basic norms of civil discourse. There is an expectation that participants will support, contribute to, and maintain the established level of civil discourse.

The Institute and discussions will be firmly grounded in rigorous scholarship, and thoughtful analysis; conducted without partisan advocacy; respectful of divergent views; free of ad hominem commentary; and devoid of ethnic, religious, gender or racial bias.

Adapted from Principles of Civility for NEH Seminars, Institutes, and Workshops,